Services that the HotServ App currently offers.


Recreation and restaurants

Details of restaurants, entertainment centers, attractions and cultural life recommended by the hotel.

הזמן כרטיס לחדר

Room Key

Clicking this button key will send a request to prepare a card/key for the room.


Alarm Clock

Clicking this button will send a request to receive an alarm call from a hotel representative.

מיקום המלון

Hotel location

A map will be displayed showing hotel’s location, name and exact address with an option of redirecting to the “Waze” app.

מתקני מלון

Hotel benefits

Clicking this button to display the benefits provided by the hotel in conjunction with various businesses.

מידע שלי

Personal Information

Guest details, hotel name, room number, guest name, arrival date and more.



Request the hotel maintenance staff to fix malfunctions in the room. This button includes a list of items, such as AC, safe, TV, refrigerator, etc.

שירות חדרים_1

Room Service

Request the required amount of towels/soap, etc.

חדר אוכל

Dining Room / Restaurant

Make dining room reservations, while selecting the time and number of guests. There is an option to add comments, such as “baby chair”.



Call for a shuttle or taxi, rent a car, etc. In addition, there is a link to the relevant airport.

שירותי ניקיון


Send a request to the Housekeeping Department to clean your room.